BBQ & Awards

BBQ: For your potbelly – against your fitness!

Those who drive the very fastest have of all the stomachs the vastest! And with us they'll eat delicately! Nothing's wrong with canned meat and instant soup from the discount store – but there's other possibilities! For a drink to accompany our racers dinner we recommend a good free beer. Free as the BBQ itself (1 free beer per person).

At 2-day-long events the grill is fired up on the first evening, at 3-day-long events we will heat up the coal on the second evening additionally.


Yay or nay? You cheer like a hound We hear who should be crowned!

Judging by your cheering's intensity we hand out the following TrackAttack awards to our visitors:

  • The best looking bike
  • The funniest fall (as far as nothing terrible has happened)
  • The most fucked up bike

Photo/Video Tombola

We will see what footage you provide on the racetrack.