Pit Space

On our countless racing tours we came to one conclusion most of all: Riding your bike all the way up and down the paddock next to mother and child taking a walk is as exciting as watching paint dry – not at all. You can only get the real race feeling when starting right from the box.

In through the open door you'll make your engine roar. That's why, for the first time, following the first-come-first-serve-principle, we open the holy grounds of the pit lane. So join the fun: Come in and flat out!

Opening hours of the boxes: 7 am to 11 pm For all the „inseparables“ who want to stay the night with their bike – after consulting your colleagues you may gladly get the key to your box in exchange for a deposit from the registration desk. Your team. Your box.

Get your own box for your team (state your team's name in the booking procedure!). The Number of people per box depends on the corresponding track (you may propose or wish for a certain assignation). For more information ask or the registration desk on site.