Who are the people behind TrackAttack?

Schimi, whom you probably know from various trackdays all over Europe, manages together with Kaja and Alex all TrackAttack Events.
- Come in and flat out!  ☛ ☎ +43 660 11 77 601

Who's there for you in the permanent instructor's box? 

#427 Andy (A.FICHTENBAUER) and #631 Chris (C. HATOS) 

Andy and Chris, well known and popular „Racer4Kids“ racers among other instructors (at DDC for instance with Christian FRITZ) are always gladly at your service in the instructor's box – included in the price of course!

Who takes care of the program for the courses?

Philip, Chief Driving­Technique Instructor:  

A talented, likeable and experienced driving­technique trainer, who earned his title at the biggest Austrian driving­technique institution. 
Philips offer is not an All Inclusive service, but can be book individually.